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General Business Policies & Onboarding Information


Please read these very carefully so that there are no misunderstandings later on.

We want your experience working with us to run smoothly and in order to maintain a healthy relationship between ourselves and you as a client, GrowthVine operates with the following business policies.

We will try to inform you of any changes as they occur as procedures, practices, policies and benefits described here may be modified or discontinued from time to time. 




  • Media Requests: media@growthvine.io
  • Sales: sales@growthvine.io
  • Technical Support: support@growthvine.io
  • Accounting: accounts@growthvine.io
  • CSM: You will be assigned a CSM based on the product or service that you purchase. They will be introduced to you with their contact information after your sign up process is complete.



  • Slack
  • Email
  • Private Calls
  • Facebook Groups

The primary method of contact with Lyndsey or your CSM (client services manager) is via Slack. With email being a backup system should it be required. We ask that you follow this communication method strictly in order to avoid information being lost, mislaid or not being actioned.

If your purchase with us includes strategy calls, then private calls will also be made. We do not accept unscheduled calls. Private calls are scheduled calls in advance. More information on these can be found below.

As a client, if you are in a program or mastermind you will be added to your secret Facebook Group or your closed Facebook Group. Lyndsey checks all Facebook Groups once per 48 hours. 

We’ll be honest we don’t reply to communication outside of these methods. There are so many methods to communicate now that if we allowed all of them, Lyndsey and the team would not be able to switch off and relax when they finished work.


Emails are checked and answered once per day usually. Clients are asked to note that we do not take email accounts on a clients domain and only communicate through our specified email addresses. This is to avoid information and data being lost.

Any questions or discussions are housed within a Google Doc to avoid information being lost in email chains or lots of slack chats. Please respond only within these documents and simply tag in your CSM or Lyndsey when you are ready for us to read your comments.



When you contact Lyndsey or any of the team, you will typically receive a response within 24 hours. Again, Lyndsey checks both Slack, Email once per day and Facebook Groups are checked every 48 hours. 

Responses are not guaranteed during non-office hours. To keep things simple our office hours are listed further down.

Responses may be delayed in the event of client VIP days, vacations, holidays, or emergencies. Lyndsey tries to inform all clients of her availability in advance and does publish a calendar of availability for the coming 12 months ahead.


Lyndsey is based in GMT time zone but our CSM’s are located across the globe. Our official company office hours for client bookings are roughly Monday through Friday 10AM – 4PM GMT. For US-based clients only, we are also available at 9 pm -10.30pm GMT. 

If you need assistance outside of our normal business hours, we will do our best to accommodate but please remember that Lyndsey and the team are human beings with a family and a life too. ?  She feels terrible if she can’t accommodate you and works really hard to balance her business time with spending time with her daughter so please only ask if it is super important.

All emails are replied to using office hours as well. Time either side of these slots is dedicated purely to admin and so unavailable to all clients.



You will receive an email inviting you to your client folder which is stored on Google Drive. Please note that all work product is stored in here and you will be notified when work product is ready at the ‘client facing’ stage.


While you are an ‘Active’ client, this folder is your personal hub for storing any items both work product produced or any information or files that you need to submit in order for the agreed works to be carried out.


Clients are respectfully asked to note that documents are only shared with you and that we take no responsibility for files should clients share access with 3rd parties.


When GrowthVine services are not engaged on an active project, client folders are archived. Archived files may be destroyed after a period of 6 months inactivity and clients are reminded to take a copy of all work if they are planning on being inactive for any periods longer than this.



Materials that we give you in the course of our work together that are not work product created for you specifically as part of a done for you service, are proprietary and copyrighted. You agree that such proprietary material is solely for your own personal use for the purpose of improving your home life, or starting, growing or marketing your business or service. Any disclosure to a third party is strictly prohibited.


Under no circumstances can the copy in these documents be used or reproduced in whole or part without the express written permission of GrowthVine. Should there be an absence of a copyright notice on any given page or material, this should NOT be construed as an absence of copyright.
These copyrights have been successfully defended in the past and it is the policy of GrowthVine to aggressively defend all intellectual properties. Violation of these copyrights can result in civil litigation, substantial penalties, even criminal prosecution. These marketing materials documents are provided for sample purposes only, not for use.


You are responsible for decisions made about your business, work life, home life or any other factors in your life. We are happy to share our opinions, provide resources where available, make referrals or introductions but it is up to you to decide which, if any, to act upon.
If you decide to take work with anyone we recommend or use software or other technology or services we recommend, this is your choice. You take full responsibility for it. If you decide to work with anyone or anything we have recommended, the workings of that relationship are and will be entirely separate of our relationship with you. We take no liability or responsibility for that relationship and will not manage this relationship for you.



From time to time, we’ll reach out to you for Feedback. We view all client conversation as part of the feedback process but may ask you to complete a feedback form in order submit the feedback. This helps us to understand what you have enjoyed while working with us so far, what results you received, any potential areas for improvement that you can identify for us and where you may need further support.

We take feedback seriously, we are committed to creating a quality experience but may ask you if it is ok to share your feedback.



We may email you to request written or video testimonials from time to time. You are under no obligation to provide a testimonial for our services, but we would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to help us. Thank you in advance!


Often, opportunities arrive where we are able to send referrlas to clients and we are excited to do so. As we work with clients we get to know their business indepth and on a deeper level than most. This means we know exactly who our client’s target audience is and who is their exact and ideal client and the results that our clients deliver. We don’t guarantee to make referrals but when we can and we think there is a good fit, we will.

On the same theme, our clients are often really excited and pleased with their results and are keen to share them with others. This means that they will refer other people to work with us, if that is you and you know of someone who is struggling and needs support, then please do invite them to talk to us. We don’t pay clients to refer others to us, but we do send them a thank you gift, be it posh chocolates, something small we know they will appreciate or some flowers for their desk.



If you should ever want a meeting with Lyndsey or the team, please either book one using this link or the one for ‘Schedule a meeting’ in the email signature. As an active client, you just need to schedule it under ‘client call’.




For the purposes of conducting an audit of your situation and determining a starting point, please supply the information requested in your onboarding email into your Google Drive Folder marked ‘Client Audit’



When work is presented as client facing, to avoid miscommunication, you will be invited to read the work and comment or ask questions accordingly. Please note, that we will not respond to those comments until the project lead at the client’s end has confirmed that all parties involved have finished commenting.


For further information, please see the Google Document of ‘Required Information’


If you have purchased a service that includes calls with Lyndsey or the team, below are the policies and procedures associated with this:


Coaching clients with calls in their packages will receive a monthly email reminding you to schedule your calls for the month. This is generated automatically by our software and will contain a link to our calendar where you can block book appointments with your CSM or Lyndsey

Availability listed in the calendar reflects Lyndsey or your CSM’s actual available time. Please do not email asking for us to schedule you in for slots which are not listed as available. What is listed for booking, is the only appointment slots available, if are there are no days/times that work for you, then please try to adjust your schedule in order to make times work. If there is absolutely nothing you can do, then we reach out to your CSM or Lyndsey and you may be placed on a cancellations list for any appointment cancellations.

It is your responsibility to schedule and make use of calls within your services package. Bookings and calls are offered on a first come, first served basis and call time does not roll over if unused. We recommend that you schedule your calls as soon as you receive the reminder email to avoid issues scheduling or losing call time.


We run a professional service and request a minimum 24-hour notice period. We want you to have the best possible experience working with us and so ask that you actively try to avoid rescheduling.

We run a cancellations list and if you cancel or reschedule your call then we may give your now vacated time slot to another client. You must understand that if cancel or reschedule any of your calls, that you risk of forfeiting your calls for the month if no further time slots are available and there are no cancellations. We do not roll over call time and rescheduling a call will not allow you to roll over time either. 


Call times range from 30-90 minutes, we do not run calls longer than this as we find clients can become overloaded with information unless it is in a VIP environment. Regardless of call duration, it is important that calls start on time, if you arrive to your call late, please note that the call will still finish at the designated time. This is due to the fact that we usually have client calls scheduled back to back and it is unfair for other clients to miss out on call times because of an individual arriving late.


We like to be prepared for your calls so that we don’t waste any time. This means that an agenda for the call will be written in advance. In order to write this, we ask that you complete an update form which will be emailed to you a few days before your call. This helps us get an overview of the progress you have made since our last call and helps to set the agenda.

Prepare for our calls by making sure you are in a quiet place, have a good phone connection and make sure you have a glass of water on hand. We ask that you don’t eat or do anything that may distract you on a call as it will impact on the value you takeaway from our session


You will be informed before your call as to the method we will be using. All details will be provided to you on an email.


Any client can request us to record their sessions but we ask that you request this prior to your call so that we can make sure everything is set up and that we are using the best call method for recording your sessions.

Facebook Groups

We work hard to create amazing communities and member experiences and hope you enjoy being a part of them.

We have some basic guidelines that we ask all group members to follow when using our Facebook groups. They are here to ensure that the community remains a positive service to all members and to avoid any negative situations that may impact on other group members. If you need to report any communication or have any questions which cannot be addressed inside the Facebook group or by messaging an admin, then please email support@growthvine.io

Do Not Post:


We invite you to:

If you don’t follow the guidelines then you risk being removed from our groups.

GrowthVine and Lyndsey Johnson reserve the right at any time to edit, delete, move or close a thread if we deem it to be inappropriate and/or a violation of our guidelines. We will not explain each and every action. If a member blocks an admin or we receive reports from other users that members are approaching them and speaking negatively about an admin, we reserve the right to remove that member from our groups.

While groups are naturally positive places and full of members with the best intentions, sometimes rotten apples can turn things quickly sour and we want members to feel safe, knowing that we will take swift action in the event of this.