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We are officially in the knowledge era.

Much like how the industrial era made an impact on the way our world worked both for the early generations and up into the modern day, the knowledge era is set to continue making a huge impact for generations to come.

We have gone past creation, metal development and industrialisation and moved into a much more new age era. With the ability to communicate across the globe in an instant and a computer in the hands of even the youngest children, the desire to learn and know more is rapidly increasing.

People want more from their lives than ever before.

They don’t want to sit in some vanilla looking office hating every day and counting down the days until they retire and can actually live their best life. They are enabled by technology and want to take action, which is driving forwards the knowledge era.

It’s common knowledge that, by the time you retire, with the retirement age going up all the time that even if you have made enough money to be able to have fun, you are less likely or may no longer be able to enjoy it in a way that you could in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

Less and less people want to work in a humdrum existence for a life, they want to live the best version of their life that they can. Seize every moment, cut the cord on the 9-5 that is dragging them down. They want to live.

The big question though is “how do I…?”

Earn more while working less?
Find happiness?
Do yoga?
Earn more while being able to travel?
Do [insert random topic here]?

The topics that people want to learn are wide and varied, no matter what they learn, people want to know more. A global curiosity has been unlocked and it is this constant desire to learn, to know more and do more that is fuelling the knowledge era.

But life is moving too fast for traditional education opportunities to keep up.

Which is why, people are turning to coaches, consultants and trainers for more help and support on their learning journey than ever before.

The internet has opened up this magical ability for us to connect with each other across the globe. Therefore the quality of who teaches us and how we can learn has changed. It’s not limited by location, opening hours or the quality of teacher that can be found locally.

On-demand education has gone global. The knowledge era is a global movement

Technology is moving so quick that often traditional education routes are taking too long to catch up. For generations, it has been considered that the gap between what you learn in education and what you learn in the real world has been growing wider and wider. Largely due to the amount of red tape in a formal education system.

But online coaching has changed that, people can learn directly for themselves the skills they need for the real world. They are learning as fast as things are changing, from experts in their field.

This is the knowledge era and the coaching industry in 2017 was worth $1.08 billion!

By 2022, it is estimated to be worth $1.38 billion.

The industry is wide, diverse and there has never been a better time in the history of the world to share your skills and passions to a global audience.

If you want to leave your mark on the world and create a positive impact, NOW is the time to act!

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