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Ready to get more eyes and ears on you and your important work?

My friend and mentor Selena Soo will totally help you change the way you and your business are seen in the world. ?

And sure, it’ll take more than the time you’ll spend watching her free training video, but that’ll be enough to get you started and, perhaps more importantly, to CONVINCE you that you need to harness the power of publicity for your business.

Take this pic. It’s from one of Selena’s parties

For me, I chose to work with Selena as I wanted to use publicity to grow my business but as an introvert **yep, I can market for others but always get shy when doing it for myself!* and wanted to know how other introverts successfully managed to appear in high profile media.

My goal for 2018 was to get featured in Forbes and I couldn’t have done that without Selena’s help. I get featured regularly in the press now and have virtually overcome my own introvert nature when it comes to reaching out and pitching my story ideas.

This is the kind of magic that happens ALL the time when you approach publicity the way Selena teaches it. So click the link that I’ve dropped in the comments to start watching this free training now!

P.S. You could win an invite to one of Selena’s next parties!

Anyone who watches all 3 videos and answers a few easy questions will be entered to win a true VIP experience: an all-expenses paid trip to New York City to hang out with Selena plus her media and influencer friends (a $10,000+ value)!

>>Click here to watch the first video now<<

And stay tuned for more information about your chance to win!

Selena Soo stand out with publicity
Learn how to stand out with publicity using Selena Soo’s course, Impacting Millions.
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