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You need to use high emotion trigger words in your marketing copy if you want to make it sizzle with engagement and truly capture your audience’s attention.

Trigger words, magic marketing words, engagement boosting words or high impact phrases.

Each of these refer to one simple thing, high emotion trigger words.

High emotion trigger words are words in English that are highly emotionally charged. When a reader simply sees one on the page, whether they are skimming the content or reading intently, they will have an identifiable emotional reaction to it.

Using high emotion trigger words in your marketing is extremely powerful. They can ignite your copy, leaving it more persuasive to the reader you are trying to get an action or response from.

When it comes to marketing, we want readers to react. You may have heard the saying ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’. What this actually means is that whatever your prospective client is reading or hearing about you is triggering an emotional a reminder about your brand.

People don’t buy fancy products or even boring products because they actually want to. Yup, when you go to the store and buy anything and I mean anything, what you are actually doing is feeding your emotional needs.

Your emotions are telling you that you want or need to feel (or not feel) a certain way.


When you break down your every action, it will always come back to the control your emotions have on your day to day life.

Now this is NOT a bad thing if you are a marketer or need to market to build your business. It is only bad if you don’t understand what is happening every time you see these high emotion words.

As a marketer, yep you are now officially in the marketing club. (Here’s your badge, wear it with pride!). you actually want your target prospective client(s) to feel emotions because that is when they will purchase.

Selling falls into two categories when we are talking online consulting, coaching or even online service based businesses.

Category one – low ticket

Low ticket refers to products and services with a low price tag. For this, we need the prospective client to feel some sort of emotion. However, we don’t need them to have a strong reaction, that’s just overkill. For a start, creating those reactions makes you look sleazy. Secondly, we want to save those cards for when we really need them.

So for low ticket, we want to use words that have a soft to medium emotional range because buying at this price point should be a no brainer. Plus, the level of resistance we face as marketers is lower.

Category two – high ticket

For high ticket products and services we need to pull out the big guns. High ticket is anything from $2000 upwards and resistance level to purchasing may be higher. As a marketer, (that shiny new marketing badge I just gave you looks amazing right?! Don’t forget to call your mom and tell her about it!) we need to use emotion to help us bypass those resistance barriers.

And it is for moments like these that we want to draw out the big guns…

Hard hitting high emotion words.

Often these types of words create either a direct emotional response or a loop in the prospective client’s mind. It demands to know more because the emotion you just triggered needs to be satisfied.

What that translates to is their eyes on your content, their emotions being invested into your sales pages, webinars and pitches.

It means more eyes on the prize and so a greater chance of conversion because more people are investing themselves into your content. CaaChing!

This is what you want as a marketer, as a business owner and as someone who wants to help people get out of their own way so you can help them make their impact in this world.

So what the heck are these high emotion trigger words and how do I use them?

See, right about now, I could make a blue peter or girl scout badge joke about being prepared but instead I’m not going to.

What I will do is tell you that I have rounded up the very best (and biggest!) list of over 450+ high emotion trigger words that you can download.

Each emotion you need has been broken down into levels of soft, medium and high emotions and has the words you can use below.

To use, all you need to do is write out your marketing materials and copy as you normally would. When you are ready read it back and edit it, look at each section and decide which emotion you would like to bring up.

When you are ready, simply look up the emotion and choose a word from the list and sprinkle it into your copy. It’s that simple.

And while you are at it,why don’t you post examples of your own copy here in the comments, when you are done with yours.

Get 450+ High Emotion Trigger Words

Ready to turbo charge your marketing and make explode in front of your audience?

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