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Using the online business roadmap, you will learn:

  • The exact steps you need to take to launch your business
  • What you need to focus on in order to launch
  • How each step connects so you have a clear launch plan

I knew I wanted to start an online business but was overwhelmed with how it all connected. Before the roadmap, I spent weeks doing ‘stuff’ because some article I read online said I should. Nothing was happening and I was wasting time. With the roadmap, I’ve got a clear plan of what to focus on and know exactly what the next step should be and how they link together. No more time wasting now, building my business is so much easier with the roadmap.

Lori Eddlington

Business Owner

Hi, I’m Lyndsey Johnson

Founder and CEO of GrowthVine, I have 14+ years of international business experience, and every day, I put my deep knowledge of dynamic sales funnels, consumer behavior, and buyer psychology to work for my clients.

A few of my clients even call me the funnel queen!

I’ve taken on some BIG challenges in my career, white-labelling for a certain celebrity agency and winning way too many awards to list here.

But perhaps one of my biggest achievements has been building an e-com business from ground zero to more than 800,000 unique buyers per year… all while paralyzed!

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